Morning Walk / Caminhada de Hoje

Today Team Orey-Rosa had  appointments at the Oftalmologista. It, as you can see from the snaps had to be a clear, warm, VERY bright day afterards… so we squinted our way down the Rua Direita to do a few errands, the bank, and lunch, then squinted abit more down the hill to catch the bus to campus… as I write, things are coming back. Our new glasses will be ready “Estará pronto depois das dez da sexta-feira”. Woo hoo!

It is a lovely, warm (as long as the sun styas out) clear… brillant to the point of painful – day here in the Terra do Nunca.

Life is good!


My Travel / Photo Blog Conundrum


After using TravelPod since about 2011, it suddenly announced it is closing. For now all the posts are archived at: http://www.travelark.org/user.py?uid=oreydc . TravelArk seems pretty close to the old photo blog, and when it gets up to speed I may go to it.

As I believe that change is good, and learning new things can keep you young… I am moving the photo-blog here for now and learning about WordPress.com.

If and when things change again, I’ll let you know!

I appreciate your patience as I learn to use this new venue thingy.

Life is good!

A nice ride

A nice ride about town on my Bike Friday. Today the young people from various Poroquias are making tapetes for the procession this afternoon.  It is nice to see all sorts of people out and about watching… I called Milton and he came down in the car for a bit.

Life is good!

A minhabicicleta santificada / my holy bike





Away Team to Amparo!

Wow, just wow! After a nine+ hr drive to Amparo from Ouro Preto… it is a long weekend here in Brasil – Corpus Cristi – so we  abandoned HQ, rented a very nice VW Gol, and off we went! We walked down to  Rosário and got the car from the rental place, drove it back up to HQ, threw my bike and our gear into the car and off we roared.

A whole day, completely out of communication. So good to just enjoy time with my husband as we drove through some of the loveliest countryside anywhere. Up to Belo Horizonte (ugh… I still don’t feel the magic there) then out of BH and into the mountains and through beautiful forests, more mountians, coffee and corn with a myriad of greens and more green, with a brilliant blue sky. We stopped for coffee at a few places, and I had my traditional “pão com linguiça” a tasty sandwich, which I only have along the way to Amparo as I can’t say its the healthiest of  snacks… but oohh so good!

Got here and unpacked my bike, and Tata had come over and made a tremendous soup which was almsot ready, and so Waldir brought out the beer. She went and got Edson and so Waldir and all of us had a great time, then the Luz’s came over and the family just enjoyed being together.

Then I logged on…

Gads… horrifying… apartment building fire, more ridiculous mass shootings in two places in the States, more corruption here re: World Cup-Olympics Odebrecht, a crazy President and more Russia, and earthquake in Guatemala…

Needless to say I am riding my bike tomorrow! There will be some carpets and processions I believe, so there will be pictures, as I am not driving tomorrow since today was more than enough.

So I leave you all just to imagine… green, greener and then green again!

Life is good!

Oh wait there is a picture a selfie that our nephew – Lucas –  took with me…


Pronto para a aventura! Ready for adventure!

Tomorrow we head to Amparo, we rented a car and pick it up early, then we will head out.  its grueling, but beautiful 8-10 hr trip. So this

So in preparation, this morning after breakfast and the gym, this grandpa went for a haircut, the bank, lunch (Café & Cia by the B do B), then went and had my specs readjusted… nose slipage! And then I grabbed a taxi lotação  in front of the store and now I am in my delux workspace here in ICEB III.

On the way 3 folks waved/honked, one friend – she was one of neighbors when we were in our old apartment in Rosário –  stopped to let me know she is selling pão de queijo ready to bake, she gave me her card, and so we can just call her and she will deliver, then we do the rest in our own oven.  As is the way, some other folks from town and gown stopped and gossiped.

A few snaps of my workspce here at ICEB III.

The  bluetooth keyboard works well with the clunky old MacBook Pro on an eggcarton to keep him cool and mellow. My guy (Macbook Air) to the left on wifi, that works like a wonder now!

New specs, haircut… good to go!

Some  Nepali prayer flags to brighten up the space and remind me to be grateful for all I have here!

Life is good!



Today in “To make a long story short”

Today is Valentine’s Day – Dia dos Namorados – literally “lover’s day” here. Since the real one comes during Carnaval, it’s nice to know that even here in shameless, romantic Brasil, there is a limit to some things. So, here, it falls in June, when the weather is wintery, and I guess when some might need some encouragement to make more Brazilians this far after Carnaval.

Today there are no pictures, just a story.

In Brasil, or at least in Ouro Preto, when you get new glasses, you have to take them back to the doctor to have him/her recheck them to make sure they are the same as the prescription. Then you have to take them back to the place you bought them from, and have them clean off the markings, etc., and fit you. Then you are good to go.

So, the specs were ready Friday, but by the time I got to the Dr’s office, he had just left for the weekend. So, this morning, I skipped the gym, and took the bus to the praça, near where the Doc’s office is. He blessed them, reminded me that I was going to find them a bit strange for a while, (Yep!) and ambled down to the place I bought them, had the young lady I bought them from, clean them, and got me going.  Then I tottered off down the hill, to the train station, to grab the bus up to campus. Sometimes when I miss the gym, like this morning, I like to walk a bit more… Ouro Preto, makes that part easy and enjoyable. Today I counted 3 honks and a wave, and a “bom dia” as I walked from the Dr’s office to bus stop.

So as things go here, especially this professor/grandpa with new glasses, I had been lost a few days ago on Pinterest and came across a bunch of cool ideas for old lightbulbs, mainly tiny terrariums. I was walking down the hill, admiring the flora, fauna and crazy traffic, when there on the side of the street was a light bulb. So, I put it in my pocket… walked the two more blocs. Waited a minute, and up came the bus.

Being over 60, I got on in the front (you pay in the back door) and sat down. The bus chugged up the hill to campus, I rode to the stop in front of ICEB (the science building) and got off. Then, walked down to my office in ICEB III. M called and we decided to meet for lunch and I did some work until then. I got to futzing in my new swanky office, and was pleased that the Wi-Fi was working – better than ever, I might add! – as on Friday I sent in a “mayday” to the Tec guys to come see why our Wi-Fi on my floor stinks… and it had been stinking for 3 years. My colleagues had never gotten past the “our Wi-Fi stinks” stage and call. The NTI guy fixed it … and OMG! So today, I felt so, well, first world! Things started downloading, and sharing, and backing up, and updating… the online radio was awesome sauce… it was magic!

After lunch, I did some more paper work, and listened to the rain pound the widows, (which unlike my old building don’t leak)  and when it was time to go, I went up to the bus stop, and talked to some of the cleaning ladies that work in our building, the bus came and off we went. At the next stop at the front of campus a couple of guys got on, and began playing music. At the next stop, an elderly person got on, so I gave her my seat. As well the father – a bus driver so he got on in front too – of one of our students in the English class. We got to talking, and he said, “I saw you this morning, you picked up a light bulb!”

I put my hand in my pocket, and there it was, and said,

“Was it this one?”


We both got to laughing – and I explained what I was thinking of doing.

Mind you the busker – who was pretty good, actually – kept playing, and made everyone kind of happy. The next stop some more old ladies got on, and we all moved around, the busker, and let them take up more seats. Folks who get on for free, can bump, those sitting in the first couple of rows, and generally speaking people get up and insist. Since I “ain’t dead yet” I try and give up a seat for just about anyone. Especially for those that are paying.

The bus kept going, the busker kept singing, I noticed more smiles, the old ladies clapped in between songs. The next stop, Dona Efigênia got on, and she exchanged greetings with the busker who she had to finesse around to get a seat– the bus was packed – and she immediately began demanding “Música Romântica”. So, he started in, she started singing, the old people started clapping, I looked back at the guy who takes the fares (a fellow member of Bandaliera) and we laughed. Two stops later, I got off. The bus careened around the corner and I could hear them all enjoying themselves as it went around the corner of FAOP and on to the praça.

Happy Brazilian Valentine’s Day!

And, so this is why I live here.

Apenas um par de vovôs para uma caminhada em uma cidade encantadora // Just a pair of Grandpas out for a walk in a lovely town

A nice walk, on blustery, foggy, but warm day.  We ambled down to the Praça  and down through the Centro Historico for errands and lunch… as we always do on Sundays, we took the bus back up to HQ!

Life is good!